How Working from Home Can Impact on Your Sleep

by in Blog February 25, 2021

As “work from home” gains prominence amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it has taken a toll on our sleep pattern. With the passing days, the so-called privilege of working from home has disturbed our sleep schedules as nobody wants to spend their night without Netflix and chill. All of us want to relax at night after long working hours. Even most early birds now prefer to be a night owl. Isn’t that true?

Most professionals treat sleep as something that fills leftover space in the day—not something that needs to be scheduled as a priority. Working from home might save you a lot of money on fuel, give you more control over your work environment, and can even make you more productive, both professionally and personally—but it can also wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. This is why we always recommend sleeping for at least 8 hours, no matter what. And you know what? With a little tweak in your work schedule and personal life adjustment, you can easily carve out enough time to have a good night’s sleep. Thus, sleeping on time and maintaining a proper sleeping schedule may definitely boost up your energy and help you in numerous ways.

So, let’s discuss how we can together tackle this ‘new normal’ situation and keep our sleep schedule on point.

1.Create a dedicated workspace

Even if you are working from home, that doesn’t mean that you cannot bring your office to your home. Treat your job as a normal one, even when you’re at your home. Rather than jumping on your bed with your laptop, carve out a special little space in your home that has enough natural lighting, a perfect ventilation system, and some greenery too. Gift yourself a sturdy table and chair, along with some table decoration items. By doing this, you’ll be calm during your office hours and will sleep tight at night.

2. Practice mindfulness with meditation or yoga

These challenging times are for everyone. With all the uncertainty floating around, it is easy for people to suffer from anxiety and stress, which can quickly turn into restless nights and seldom insomnia. We know that it’s easier said than done, but we always recommend indulging in some stress-busting activities like running, pilates, boxing, or mindful yoga. Starting your day with ten minutes of meditation or any other activity will help you feel better throughout the day and help you sleep better.

3. Try sleep scheduling mobile applications

There are many mobile applications in the market that helps you track your sleeping hours effectively. They remind you of sleeping on time and sometimes wake you up through alarms too. It only takes five minutes but makes a world of difference. Try them out and see if they suit you or not.

4. Sleep on-time

Try to keep your schedule roughly the same each day. Even if you’re not following the exact sleeping hours every day, try to sleep ± 30 minutes of your sleep time. This might lead to some annoying activities like setting a stricter bedtime, taking scheduled breaks, and implementing a time management technique so you can finish your workday at a reasonable hour but trust us, it really helps a lot. It not only makes you healthy but also helps you stay active and stress-free. Try it yourself for only a week, and you will surely see the difference.

5. Try Natural Sleeping Pills

People often consider sleeping pills as terrible substances for health. But some researchers suggest that the melatonin components present in the natural sleeping pill can ease sleep issues like jet lag, trouble falling, insomnia, etc. Our naturally-derived sleep aid pills contain a powerful blend of amino acids and botanicals. The natural herbs ease tension for comfortable relaxation. It helps restore sleep cycles and also relieve muscle tension while improving overall blood circulation.

A night full of tossing on bed, a bedtime, and wake time that fluctuates daily, a workday that begins sluggishly and ends later than you intended. All of this can easily end with Sleepmune’s natural sleeping pills consist of a powerful blend of botanicals and melatonin for a peaceful sleep. Contact us to know more about us.





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