Daytime Tips to Help with Sleep

by in Health Tips July 14, 2021

After spending half of the day working tirelessly, you slide gloriously into your bed and drift off into blissful slumber. The next thing you notice is that you’re wide awake, and it’s almost evening.

People sleep during the daytime for numerous reasons, including insufficient sleep, shift work, irregular sleeping patterns, or even general fatigue from the hectic daytime work. If you’ve had a restless night or just want to re-energize yourself, taking a nap during the day can help you recharge. However, it may sound weird, but sleeping during the day is not uncommon for people. You can try and make up for the night sleep deficit with daytime napping very quickly.

Following a daytime sleep routine pattern can be pretty challenging at first, but taking specific actions at home and following good sleep hygiene can hasten this process and help you get the right amount of rest.

Choosing a Daytime Sleep Routine

Often, inadequate or improper sleep is linked to unfavorable health, work, and social outcomes; but daytime sleeping isn’t as harmful to a person’s sleep-wake cycle as it is assumed. Napping can, in fact, promote sleep quality for people with irregularities and sleep issues. In addition, many pieces of research prove that sleeping during the day can be advantageous for those with normal sleep patterns. It can also improve mood, focus, and cognitive function.

There are, however, a few things to consider to reap the most benefits out of daytime sleeping. Here are some tips that you all must follow:

  1. Limit Your Nap to 30 Minutes or Less: Who doesn’t want to take a long nap? But here, you must know that ‘less is more.’ Short naps of around 30 minutes or less can help you with increased energy and cognitive function. It can also boost alertness and mental performance. However, if you tend to take a nap for a more extended period, it may result in grogginess, or sleep inertia. Longer naps tend to produce more sleep inertia because of increased deep sleep. People who nap 45 minutes or longer oftentimes wake up disoriented and sluggish. It can also intervene with a person’s nighttime sleep schedule by preventing falling asleep at night.
  2. Keep things quiet: Outside noises can distract you during the daytime nap. Make sure to close all the doors and windows before sleeping. Alternatively, earplugs can be your best friend during this time. It can reduce noise-related disturbances and can help you with sound sleep.
  3. Avoid light: Exposure to any form of light can make it challenging to fall asleep. We recommend avoiding extended use of light-emitting screens before bedtime. Reduce unnecessary light and use room-darkening shades on the windows, or the easiest thing that you can do is wearing an eye mask.
  4. Make healthy lifestyle choices: Always include physical activity in your daily routine and plan to work out after waking up rather than before you go to sleep. Also, don’t use nicotine or alcohol around bedtime.
  5. Consider Making Naps Habitual: Embracing a compatible and consistent nap routine seems challenging, but if you work on an irregular schedule, it can help you a lot. Researches show that regular nappers experience incredible overall benefits and can also initiate naps faster. On the other hand, non-habitual nappers typically encounter more sleep inertia after waking up.
  6. Time Your Nap Carefully: Our sleep-wake cycle is a part of our circadian rhythm, which means natural fluctuations in our physiology within 24 hours. You might feel excited to know that our energy level tends to deteriorate during the afternoon time and makes it a popular time to take a nap. Sleep latency and sleep efficiency levels rise from 3 PM to 5 PM. So, we guess you now know what’s good for you.

You can easily improve your cognitive performance and energy levels by just taking a simple nap during the daytime. Along with this, you can also try Sleepmune Sleep aid, which is made with organic and healthy ingredients to help you sleep better and naturally during the day or night time. Shop it from our website today.